Vatican City

by | Aug 13, 2019 | Photography

Vatican City has a population of approximately 1000 people. It is the smallest sovereign state in the world. The Vatican City economy survives on sales of souvenirs and post stamps, fees from admission to Museums, and sales of publications. I did buy postcards, Rosary beads, and paid access to the Vatican Museum. I did my part to contribute to the Vatican City economy.

It was a crowded little City because of the overwhelming tourist crowds visiting the Vatican. There was an abundance of tour guides that used headphones to communicate set up as group tours. Depending on your preferred language.

I hesitated to join a tour group but reluctantly got talked into it. But, whenever I get talked into something, I usually find my way out of it. And seeing my way out of it is what I did after the first 45 minutes of trying to follow a large group through crowded hallways. The tour guide was a young American girl on a school exchange program that didn’t exactly make me want to stick with the tour. Nevertheless, I’m glad that I broke off from the group.

I felt the freedom to wander through the Hallways, the Gallery’s paintings, Sculptures, Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Square,¬† Basilica, Vatican Museums, and the Vatican Obelisk¬† taken from Egypt by Caligula. Everything was there that I desired to capture through the lens of my camera.

The images that I captured felt like endless opportunities. I was also fortunate enough to participate in a Mass at one of the Chapels directed in Latin. Something that added a memory to my trip that will stay with me for life.

The Sistine Chapel felt small and confined but very intimate. The crowds were more extensive than expected, and it was warm. There is no air conditioning allowed to prevent from ruining any of the magnificent paintings and frescos. It is almost impossible to describe with any justice. It almost doesn’t look real; that this incredible undertaking achieved with such perfection. It was truly overwhelming.

The Vatican Security, known as the Gendarmerie Corps, surrounds the inner walls of the Chapel, looking down on everyone on the center floor. Mainly to make sure that no one took photographs.

The flash from the Camera could ruin or fade the colors of the paintings. If you notice, I do have a few images of the Chapel and paintings. I wasn’t clear on this rule until a Vatican Security Officer enlightened me to that fact. He did take my camera but did return it on my exit. I was very fortunate for that.

Besides the fantastic Paintings and Sculptures, the most impressive thing about the Vatican is the enormity of the structure. It makes you feel small, and I guess that is the objective in a sense. The Roman Catholic religion has an incredible range of the world’s population of 1.3 Billion people and seems to be growing the most significantly in Africa.

The Vatican images seem to dominate my collection. I had to stop posting many more photos that I have. It puts my visit into perspective. I hope that you enjoy the images as much as I do.