Robert Fronjian Photographer

by | Aug 13, 2019 | Photography

I’m Robert Fronjian, an amateur photographer that has a deep passion for taking photos that capture meaningful moments in my life. I chose to share those moments with you. I hope that my photos bring some sense of value and better yet happiness. In my opinion, the most magical and meaningful images are captured by being in the right place at the right time. I try my best to do just that. My most satisfying photos have more than not come at the end of a long and exhausting walk through a park or around a big city. At times, my mind would often wander, my legs tired, too often hungry and worn-out from a long day. But, that’s when it seems to happen. That melting sunset, the leaves quietly blow a slight drizzle. It’s the very essence of a change that brings my lens to focus on a particular subject. It’s often than not the image that I have been longing for the satisfaction of knowing that it was time well spent. I captured a moment in time that can never be duplicated exactly as my photograph. There is no future, only the past. We cannot see the future we can only look and learn from our history, whatever that may be to guide us to be better for our next moment that will soon be part of our past. My photos look lonely, but that’s part of the magic of sharing a photograph with others. It takes on a new life of its own. People should interpret a photo in their way; it’s a form of art and art should be construed independently, I do not name my photographs purposely they have no labels attached they are open free to judge and interpret appreciate or not. My images are free for you to make them whatever you want. It’s part of the magic of art enjoying the meaning and emotion that it brings to you. If there is a photo that brings you happiness or moves you in a particular way, you are free to have it. My only request is that you pay it forward in kindness, whatever that may be for you. A simple smile to a stranger, holding the door open for someone, works just fine. We live in stressful times in some respect. Instead of being united as a nation, too often, we are divided. In my opinion, art should unite. Art is a gift that keeps on giving; it’s spiritual, visual, and auditory. It has the power to heal and fill our hearts with joy.

My photographs are my gift to you. I hope that they keep on giving. Enjoy !!