New York City

by | Aug 13, 2019 | Photography

I’m surrounded by art 24/7 in NYC.

Walking down any street in midtown Manhattan, downtown Wall Street area, enormous skyscrapers rise above that seem as high as the clouds.

Taking a stroll through the Brownstone lined streets of Greenwich and the West villages, it seems like art is staring you right in the eyes.

If you’re brave enough to wander through Times Square, surrounded by fantastic electronic Billboards that seem like psychedelic paintings.

Along Westside Highway, the Hudson River sits beneath the George Washington Bridge with thick bands of steel that hover over the sailboats and Ferry boats gliding through for safe passage.

Central Park a wonderland for City dwellers that need a break from hard paved city streets. It’s a sanctuary to get in touch with nature that extends from the West to the East side of Manhattan.

The abundance of the most incredible Museums with different galleries continually evolving. Lincoln Center, Ballet, Opera, the block-long lines that line the Broadway Theatre district, all unique and thrilling in their way.

But, the places mentioned above are mostly just Structures of sorts.

The real Art in NYC, in my opinion, is the people. Arguably the most diverse city in the world. The eclectic mash-up of people in NYC city is a photographer’s perfect subject.

NYC with so many street musicians and dancers in Union Square and the Subway stations acting as perfect subjects. The Central Park bench and tunnel Musicians, the horse carriages with drivers, decked out in fashionable English garb. The birds are even eclectic in NYC. New and exciting species arriving almost daily. The ballet dancers and opera singers, even the homeless, are special people in NYC. They all have their style that is often unforgetful.

They provide the energy the ebbs and flows of what art in NYC on. Without all of these people in different neighborhoods and different cultures, NYC would be an artless town.

One could argue that this is true for all cities. In some respects, it is true.

But, I lived and visited many of the major cities across the US and found that NYC for whatever reasons has this distinct advantage of every other city. Many other towns try, and some succeed to emulate NYC by building the same structures mentioned above.

But, they lack the diversity and the characters that makeup NYC. Not to say they are not fantastic cities that have their personalities.

It’s just that NYC, in my opinion, has the most interesting subjects as the people in the world for Art and Photography.