I’m Robert Fronjian an amateur Architecture, Fine arts, and Landscape photographer. I have a passion for taking photographs and sharing them with others. The vision of life that I try to capture in my photographs was shaped by my parents, an artist, photographer, musician, machinist/teacher, who infused my life with art in my early ages.

Watching my dad creating art, taking photographs, drawing and playing guitar was not only a joy for his young son but also better than any art or music school. My most vivid memories of the arts are sitting back and watching and learning. Sunday mornings with the country radio station playing Johnny Cash and my father strumming away left a lasting impression. Photography was long before digital cameras my dad’s photographs were analog, mostly taken through the lens of a Minolta SR T 101; a camera that I cherish to this day. His drawings were mostly sketches and oil paintings.

My photography focus is for nature, landscape, and fine art. I have a deep and passionate appreciation for them all. I find it in everyday life: the places that I travel, the cities that I have lived and the museums that I have visited. Today I live and try to create something interesting in New York City.

My photography and website is just another creative outlet to share with others. If there is a photo that brings you happiness or moves you in a particular way, you are free to have it. My only request is that you pay it forward in kindness, whatever that may be for you. A simple smile to a stranger, holding the door open for someone, works just fine.

We live in stressful times in some respect. Instead of being united as a nation, too often, we are divided.

In my opinion, art should unite. Art is a gift that keeps on giving; it’s spiritual, visual, and auditory. It has the power to heal and fill our hearts with joy.

My photographs are my gift to you. I hope that they keep on giving. Enjoy!!